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Trader Co-Pilot®

Innovation that turns analytics into algo selection

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Platform Agnostic / API Driven / Joining the dots between TCA and Broker Selection /

Turning Data Into Actionable Insight

The first commercially available, broker neutral, AI recommendation system for algo selection.

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We built bton to provide your dealing desk with a solution to optimise trading that is simplistic in it’s ease of use, yet complex in it’s data science.

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Improve Performance

Utilise tech to automate routine tasks and optimise execution performance

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Data-driven insights leveraging TCA data from across our customer base.

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Next-Gen Trading Desk

bton is an essential addition to securing the future of your trading desk.

Innovation that turns analytics into algo selection

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Seamless integration

We’re now a plug-in to your existing EMS. BTON seamlessly integrates into your workflow without any disruptions. There's no need for extensive setup or training – simply plug in and start optimising your trading performance.

Push the button - that’s it.

Data Science

Thanks to BTON’s innovative approach to algo selection, the art of trading is now fueled by recommendation algorithms that have transformed the way we select our brokers.

Collective Intelligence

emerges when people work together with the help of technology to solve complex problems. We are a data collaboration platform helping you achieve a larger and statistically relevant & collaborative dataset that leads to real outperformance.

"At AP2, we are trying to be in the forefront when it comes to investment solutions. Therefore, I think the platform solution BTON offers in terms of automation based on machine learning suits us very well. In finance, the integration of data and technology is inevitable and undeniable. It will drive the industry forward and provide a competitive advantage for those who embrace it"

Mathias Eriksson, Senior Trader

More than $38bln under management in virtually every asset class and all parts of the world, AP2 is one of northern Europe’s largest pension funds.

Letter B Logo Design Concept

A data science and technology company

Innovate with us

Automate and optimise your trading operations with the push of a button

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Management Team

Dr Emmett Cawley

Data scientist, previously wrote trading algos at Nomura, Credit Suisse and Millennium and former CERN physicist - the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Adam Mingos

Over a quarter of a century trading equity and equity derivatives at major institutions including Fidelity Management & Research and Morgan Stanley.

Daniel Shepherd

Over 20 years cross asset class trading experience in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Has previously built and sold a low latency infrastructure FinTech company.

Kris Peterson

Technologist with extensive CTO, ultra low latency electronic trading and infrastructure experience across traditional and decentralised finance.

Paul Birch

Serial angel investor in B2B Fintech businesses. Co-founder of social network Bebo, which launched in 2005 and was later sold to AOL for $850m

Letter B Logo Design Concept

A data science and technology company